Cleric of Iomedae, this dragonborn was gone on a vision quest to stop Illisith when Belfrost was only a hamlet. He met and hired on the way Narielle and Drogar to assist him. On the way north they were ambushed by an ancient dragon, knowing there was no way out of this situation Eschaw sacrificed himself in the battle to let his companion accomplish was he was destined to do.

His will to succeed and serve the name of his god was so strong that his soul embedded into his Helmet. Many years later the place of his demise became a nest for Owlbears. By sheer luck the party stumbled upon the cavern to avoid a alestorm and found the helmet.

The party learned Eschaw's bubbly and awkward but good natured personality. After the defeat of Envil Moonbane he thought that the bringing of his tale to civilization was his way to the beyond. Fate decided over wise as his connection to this existence was his willingness to repay a debt to Jerky, he said his last goodbyes in the Glen of Gozreh bringing back to life Jerky's mother.

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