Having discovered that a band of Dopplegangers infiltrated Littleton, the party reunites in the Kiren’s Circus of Absolute Wonders to plan their next move. They decide to travel to the Glen of Gozreh to find Daisy’s friend Lilly who seems to have wandered off there. Isaya casts an ancient elven ritual to guide the party to the glen, but unfortunately the whole thing was a ploy set up by the Dopplegangers to lead our heroes out of the city and murder them in a location where they would never be found… Isaya and Jerky battle dopplegangers of Lilly and Daisy in the glen and emerge victorious. They return just in time for the grand finally of the Crimson Leaf Festival staged outdoors on a hill overlooking the forest.

Meanwhile the real Daisy is kept prisoner in an extra-dimensonal cell inside the circus where the dopplegangers periodically come to steal the prisoners' thoughts to better impersonate them. She escapes with the help of Grumlud, a former bodyguard of their old friend Mervyn, the travelling troubadour.

Under the booming applause of the crowd, Jerky, Isaya and Daisy rush onto the stage of Kiren’s Circus of Absolute Wonders, only to find that it is in fact lead by Mervyn who plans to exact revenge on them by unleashing a rain of alchemist’s fire onto the crowd hidden in the confetti nets hung over the seats. After a long game of cat and mouse, the party manages to corner the gnome who pleads for mercy. Instead, a ruthless Daisy throws him off the scaffolding and he plummets to his death.

The party is celebrated as heroes for saving the village, and everyone lives happily ever after. Until next Sunday that is…

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