In last week’s self-proclaimed sub par episode of our little campaign the heroic party tied up some loose ends in Littleton before departing north in the direction of Urgathoa’s temple. However they hit their first a setback before even getting on the road. Mervyn the travelling troubadour left them a little surprise from beyond the grave, turning his caravan into a rolling death trap of TPK(total party kill). The party barely manages to escape the caravan before it simultaneously flies off a cliff, explodes, and releases a swarm of killer-wasps. He must have been pretty mad about losing it the first time.

After some recovery, the party borrows a couple horses and a simple caravan from a villager and sets off. On the road, they pass within a day’s march of Isaya’s village but chose to press on rather than leave their caravan to venture into the woods. Hawky also spots a raiding of orcs that seem to be having some sort of dealings with strangely-garbed men who have brought a large chest into their camp. Again, the party pushes on in the hopes of catching Moonbane before he’s fully recovered from the first part of his transformation that occurred 10 days ago.

Finally, they are attacked in the night by a winter wolf the size of a large warhorse. Isaya is nearly gruesomely beheaded but Daisy rolls out of bed fumbles for her shortsword and groggily murders the beast before promptly falling back asleep.

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