On the way, the party is caught in a blizzard. They manage to bring the horse to safety and start to climb a rock formation to find refuge in a cave. This cave turned out to be an owlbear nest, the beasts are slumbering, having recently entered hibernation in early winter. To be on the safe side the party kills the couple and in their nest they stumble upon a peculiar helmet. After putting the helmet on Jerky finds himself hearing the voice of a late paladin of Iomadae named Eschaw who died on a vision quest attempting to stop a powerful elven lich named Illisith.

Under the cover of night, Daisy dons the crown of Urgathoa, in an attempt to learn more about Moonbane. The crown grants her three visions:

A vision of the past wherein a female elf trudges through the snowy mountains, her folk falling beside her left and right. “Why must our people suffer the cold while the humans settle the fertile land in the south?”

A vision of the present wherein moonbane paces back and forth in a massive cathedral before a statue of the elven woman. He then turns to stare intensely straight into Daisy’s eyes and hisses, sending her soaring into the third and final vision.

This vision is wavy and blurred, an uncertain prediction of the future.. Moonbane and the Elven woman sit together on a throne of ice, hands interlaced... Daisy is flung backwards high into the sky revealing the surrounding area and sees that the pair are in fact in a broken Belfrost, full of undead orcs, elves and humans alike. Is this what will happen if Moonbane is not stopped?

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