In the morning, the party decides that bringing Urgathoa’s crown straight to Moonbane is a bad idea, given that it is an essential element in the completion of the Lich ritual. Instead they leave it hidden in the Owlbear cave along with their horses and continue on foot. In the dizzying whiteness of winter they march for hours, falling into a boring rhythm of steps until suddenly they notice that the ground beneath their feet is no longer snow on dirt but snow on ice. Just as they realize they’ve walked on to a frozen lake, a colossal shadow passes under their feet and shatters the ice with a massive pincer. The humongous lobster attacks them relentlessly on this treacherous terrain, nearly drowning Isaya and Jerky. In the end, they manage to defeat the beast due to Daisy and Jerky diving into the water to finish it off. The wounded party lies in tatters on the icy banks of the lake for a while before setting off again towards a glint in the distance.

The glint turned out to be a one of two giant lenses mounted on a strange tower with an obsidian dome in its center. By focusing the sunlight through the first lense onto the dome, the party creates a beam of darkness that shoots out through the second lense. They use this life-absorbing death ray to kill some trolls and then focus it on a distant mountain which seems to be equipped with a mirror. The ray of darkness bounces off the mountain and out of view, and the group sets off to find out where it leads.

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