The climb was long and steep, but at long last the group arrives at a bridge leading inside a fortress of ice. While crossing the bridge, the party is surprised by a few undead elves concealed under a layer of snow. A battle ensues and the undead are quickly dispatched and thrown off the bridge. Daisy finds a blade of frost protruding from the chest of one of these enemies. Beyond the bridge, an icy tunnel leads to a natural cavern guarded by an animated armor. It speaks to the party: “Only those who wear the crown may pass”. The party informs the armor that they are not in possession of the crown, only to realize that it was Envil Moonbane speaking through it. The armor laughs as Moonbane realises where the crown must be: Daisy had it when he spotted her through the vision the night before, he tells the group to come inside and make themselves comfortable while awaiting his return, and the armor opens the door to the temple ahead.

Rather than proceeding into the temple, Isaya tries to dominate the animated armor. However, she fails and it attacks the group leaving them badly wounded once again. The party makes camp in the natural cave while a storm brews on the outside.

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