In the morning, the storm rages on preventing any sort of travel on the outside. This buys the group some time before Moonbane’s return and they explore the cavern more carefully. Daisy spots a tunnel roughly 30 feet off the ground above a frozen underwater lake. She tries to climb up to it but fumbles and falls headfirst onto the ice, breaking through it and falling unconscious into the freezing waters below. Jerky and Isaya’s combined efforts are barely enough to free her from beneath the ice. The group then manages to climb up to the tunnel, that turns out to be a secret entrance to the cathedral above...

Pushing aside a mural tapestry, the party steps onto the balcony of the main hall of Urgathoa’s temple. Great obsidian windows seem to absorb all light from the outside creating a dark atmosphere in this unholy place. This is the room Daisy saw in her vision... the mural tapestries depict an elven woman defeating an Elder White Dragon on a mountaintop, while the lateral alcoves contain statues of her transformation into a Lich. On the far end, atop a flight of stairs stands the statue of a ghastly undead elven woman, arms upraised, face frozen in horror.

The party has little time to contemplate the eery beauty of this place for they are interrupted by an equally beautiful voice singing an elven song… moments after it finishes a terrible crash echoes through the room as the main obsidian window shatters. Through it, a half elven woman soars, surrounded by a whirlwind of ice and snow. This woman is Narielle, Eschaw’s former companion and bard. The party defeats her, and in her dying breath she informs them that she battled Illisith in this very room and turned her to stone. The party puts the half elf to a long-deserved rest and recovers her magical violin.

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