While the group is deciding what they should do next, Jerky spots a shadow moving down a large circular vertical tunnel shaft. The group rushes towards it to find out what it was but the shadow seem to be dancing just beyond their torchlight. Jerky descends into the shaft along a thin ledge that spirals along its side. However he loses patience and attempts to charge forwards, falling to the bottom of the shaft. This is when the terrifying undead hound attacks, pouncing onto a defenseless Jerky and feeding on his guts. Daisy and Isaya rush to Jerky’s aid and kill the hound but Jerky has suffered a terrible wound to the abdomen and a part of him will remain forever in the belly the dog… The beast turns out to be Aruk, the faithful animal companion of Drogar a Dwarven ranger that Eschaw had hired to escort him through the treacherous mountains to this temple. Daisy keeps Aruk’s collar.

After the battle, the party continues to explore the temple and finds Moonbane’s study. They gain insight into his various projects which include scrying the crown and finding deathbane’s scroll, which apparently happens to be in the crypt of this very temple. There are a few other projects that the group is not able to understand, and they head back to the secret passage to rest.

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