After sending Howling Fell and his orc army fleeing, the party split up to take care of business.

Aaler rounded up the dead villagers to send them off into the next life and found a strange scroll describing a ritual in an old woman’s hands. Shed went looking for his gear and noticed that it seemed like someone had been collecting specific materials from the nearby houses. Jerky and Isaya decoded a secret message from Jerky’s mother Camille, letting them know that she was headed for the Glen of Gozreh with a group of survivors. The group then hunkered down for the night in Jerky’s childhood home with Sarah and Ben, two surviving children, and fell asleep to the sweet lullaby of Howling Fell’s distant wails as he regrouped his fleeing army...

In the morning, an orc by the name of Urog visited the party with a threat message from Howling Fell: He will begin by killing the escapees and then return to kill the party. Devious. The group convinced Jerky it was a bad idea to have the Urog join ranks with them, and Shed sent the orc back to Howling Fell with a message of his own.

After some investigation (and a bit of divine intervention) the group managed to complete the ritual that leads the way to the Glen of Gozreh, the elven goddess of nature. They set off in pursuit of the survivors but were interrupted by a wandering hungry Otyugh. Shed armed Sarah and Ben and nearly sent them to their deaths, causing some discord in the party.


Jerky freeing Sarah

Luckily, Aaler was able to heal the dying children and the group set off again, only to fall into an orcish ambush.

The group made quick work of the orcs, Shed hastily and brutally interrogated a survivor and learned that he was part of a raiding group sent out a day before in pursuit of the escaped villagers. The group was lead by Howling Fell’s female second in command Shiggah.

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