After the hostage fiasco, the party was settling down at the glen of Gozreh when Eschaw, Jerky’s Paladin Lizardfolk helmet equivalent of Siri, piped in. Although his divine quest in this world was finally finished, he was being kept here by a sense of debt towards the party. He and his god Iomadae repaid that debt by bringing Jerky’s mother Camille back to life. Eschaw soared out of the helmet into the night sky. Camille spent some time talking with Jerky, Isaya and Shed before heading off to bed. Aaler, headed off on a solo mission to find Gert, Ben and Sarah and keep them safe during the night. The plan was for him to meet up with the party outside the glen in the morning.

In the morning however, the party exits the glen only to find themselves face to face with an orc relieving his bowels in the forest. It seems Howling Fell has spread his remaining forces around the area to find the fleeing group of survivors. The orc barely manages to blindly sound his horn before succumbing to Jerky’s blade, but it it is enough to alert the surrounding orcs. Shed bravely picks up the horn and dashes off to cause a diversion while Jerky, Isaya and a few armed Villagers form a circle to defend the refugees.

It soon becomes apparent, however, that there are too many orcs to fight off and a vicious howl that the villagers know only too well sends them running for their lives through the forest. Isaya spearpoints the escape and having run out of options, leads the refugees towards her village deep within the forest.

A gruelling chase ensues, wherein three villagers and no less than 15 orcs lose their lives while Howling Fell and Shiggah follow at a safe distance behind atop their wargs. To make matters worse, a Bulette (also known as a land shark ) joined the fray felling orcs and villagers alike.


Suddenly a volley of arrows comes flying from the surrounding trees sending the orcs sprawling. The orcs disperse and flee but the Bulette however, charges onwards straight towards Isaya’s village!!! The heroes stop short of the village to face the beast. It lands a terrible wound on Jerky but before it can turn him into breakfast, Shed comes charging back to his aid. He fearlessly dives headlong into the the Bulette’s maw and literally rips the beast apart from the inside while Isaya barbecues it with impressive blasts of fire.

The panting refugees enter a shimmering veil that surrounds the elven village and find themselves face to face with a stone cold elf. By his side Isaya’s father who speaks: “Isaya, I am glad to see you” he pauses and looks around, clasping his hands "We have much to discuss”...

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