Our heroes start off by investigating the cause of the undead uprising, and upon showing the crown to a village elder, they begin to unravel the dark story of Envil Moonbane the elven necromancer. He had arrived in the village of Littleton almost 20 years ago, alone and frightened. He befriend a young man named Janis Bogdale and the two soon became inseparable. However, after a year, the villagers discovered that the young elf was not what he seemed and that he practiced the dark art of necromancy in secret. He was banished from the village, but he left his only possession of value, the golden crown to his friend Janis, who died a few years later after suffering severe dementia. Upon discovering this, the adventurers decide to find this Envil Moonbane and bring him to justice. They have very few leads, but they know that Janis Bogdale had two sons, one living in Littleton, and one living in Newport that they may want to talk to….

Later that evening they meet with the gnome Mervyn, the traveling troubadour. They ask him if he’s ever heard of Envil Moonbane, and he recalls someone by the name of Tristan Greystone in the wizard’s guild of Belfrost who might know him. He kindly gives the party a map with the path to Belfrost, only to ambush them along that very path the next day. Luckily, a young girl named Daisy who Mervyn had picked up in Littleton turned against her new partner in the heat of battle, double backstabbing him for 17 damage ! Mervyn managed to flee by casting an invisibility spell, and the party made off with his magically propelled carriage…

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