The adventurers decide to continue on to Belfrost, despite being fooled by Mervyn. After all, he might not have been lying about everything and the giant City-State would still be a good place to look for information anyways. Besides, Newport lies between Littleton and Belfrost and they might want to have a chat with Janis Bogdale’s second son on their way.

However, upon arriving in Newport, they see that all is not well in the town. An ettin has been attacking Newport every day for almost a month, and he has just destroyed the bridge that needs to be passed to get to Belfrost. There seems to be some mystery involved with the Ettin however : he has been spotted at night with a very different behaviour, and a strange riddle has appeared on the shrine of Lomadae. They meet three important people in Newport: Mathiasthe village leader whose father was killed by the Ettin, Aurica the village elder who housed and fed the party, and Boreth Ironfist a Cleric of Abadar who has traveled here from Belfrost and is trying to aid the town as best he can.

The party stays up awaiting the ettin’s nightly visit, and they manage to talk with him. They find out that he is actually a cleric by the name of Circu who has been the victim of a terrible curse: He was transformed into an ettin and his second head has taken control of his body so he can only move around when the second head is asleep. Circu reveals that he is camped out at Oldkeep and asks the adventurers to help him, either by solving the riddle or by putting an end to his life before he causes more harm.

The next day, the party tells Mathias that the Ettin is located at Oldkeep and that they are going there, but that they do not have the intention of killing the beast and want to help it regain its human form. Blinded by anger, Mathias simply wants to avenge his father by killing the beast, and gathers his remaining men to prepare a raid on Oldkeep… The adventurers depart first and have a small head start on Mathias and his makeshift army, on the way they encounter orcs, but Isaya manages to intimidate them, and then they are charged by two Ogres who they kill…

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