You literally took off in hot pursuit of Shadowborne and his wizard friend to take back the Moonstone for Tilly Tanglebray. You found them in Shio-Sey, but you were moments too late and they passed off the stone to a raven who flew into the evening sky towards a mysterious tower and delivered it to Envil Moonbane. Shadowborne and his partner managed to escape the party’s wrath, but the wizard suffered several grievous wounds from Jerky’s longsword as he fled. After some wandering in the foothills, you located the tower and began a treacherous ascent to the top. Throughout the tower, chant continuously echoed against the immense pillars, broken only by the sound of thunder as a storm brewed in the night sky.

"To rule over the living dead,
Forever to the darkness wed,
Your being must be altered thrice,
A lesser change cannot suffice.

The Moonstone gem must first be found,
And carried high above the ground.
A sacrifice eight times required,
To bring the unlife so desired.

When Urgathoa's crown you wear,
Upon her shrine utter your prayer.
To gain her favour without guilt,
Your enemy's blood must first be spilt.

Timeless body, endless power,
Madness threatens by the hour.
Read now the words on Deathbane's scroll,
And rid yourself of mortal soul."

You reach the top of the tower just as Envil Moonbane completes his dark ritual, and his flesh begins to rot away as he reaches the threshold of life and death. 8 orcs from the northern tribes lie motionless in cages. The Moonstone rests on a pedestal at the edge of the tower. Heavy rain is falling from the sky and the wind is rushing around you violently, but Envil’s

“Kill them and bring me the crown, but leave the elf alive. She will be of great use to me soon." He flies off into the night as the orcs begin to rise from the dead...

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