The game started with Shadowborne seeing the light of Sharptoung's magical cannon from the innovation competition and nearly tasting the water of the bay as his boat rocked amidst the fallout of the unique shot. The dread settled in his bones and Shadowborne decided it was time to take action.

Shadowborne gathered information and allies, as the fisherman's guild was in disarray after Envil Moonbane sleeping curse, he needed new allies and quick. He decided to sneak inside Tilly Tanglebray's house and team up with Isaya for the greater good of Belfrost.

The rest of the group could not be available as Boreth had business with his order. Daisy and Jerky went outside Belfrost for a couple of days on a wild goose chase to stop a group of bandits pillaging the roads.

The newly formed party gathered gear in Shadowborne hideout/shack/lovely house, then got out to meet with the best informant in town Devy Silver Claw the loan shark. They exchanged information for information and found out Sharptoung had a patron. The Count Helrick 17th in line to the throne of the Khav-sin empire, was protecting Sharptoung in his own house and was planning to leave at dawn on the morrow. The cannon was stored in Count Helrick’s huge hangar on the west side of Belfrost.

The party got inside the warehouse, but they were discovered by guards while doing so. They decided to burn down the cannon and fled. Unfortunately, the fire caused the cannon to become unstable and blow up, it flattened the whole block and flung the party across the bay. Many people died that day due to the explosion, even Isaya came close to death, but her physical injuries paled in comparison to her emotional suffering. All these innocents died by her doing, how could she forgive herself?

After good deal of patching up and a good night’s sleep the pair travelled to the count’s mansion before dawn. In spite of the count’s trickery, they managed to ambush Sharptoung and his patron before they fled the city. The pair was guarded by a strangely dressed man from the south who turned out to be a Khav-Sin blademaster. The count didn't survive the fight, but Sharptoung was captured alongside the blade master.

Interrogating Sharptoung revealed that the empire did not have the diagrams for his cannon, but they were in possession of a very unstable prototype and a detailed replica model of the finished product. The original plan was to develop the cannon in Belfrost to weaken their resources and use the magic guild as a pawn for the empire. Then sabotage Belfrost's cannons and invade with the same frightening technology for a quick surrender.

With so many charges against the count and his retinue, the party delivered the prisoners to the Greycloaks for a hefty sum.

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