The party met with Tristan Greystone, who informed them that Envil Moonbane was a member of Belfrost’s Mages Guild up until very recently. He has begun a long and perilous ritual to become a Lich for reasons yet unknown. In the first part of the ritual, the wizard must pass the barrier between life and unlife, which is a very draining process and can take weeks to fully recover from. Envil Moonbane will be hiding out for a while…

You received a letter from Jerky’s parents secretly asking for help and took off on Tilly Tanglebray's parent’s Airship to travel to Littleton and save them. On the way, an orc raid group accompanied by a ferocious frost troll was attacking a farming outpost near Belfrost. You took the time to save the villagers: Isaya knocked out ten orcs with a flourishing rainbow, Jerky beheaded the Ice troll and Daisy made sure the villagers could defend themselves in the future by giving them the fallen orcs’ weapons… We ended the session as you took off towards Littleton.

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