The party arrived in Litttleton during the Crimson Leaf Festival. You chose to enter the city discretely and met with Jerky’s mother Camille at dusk. She informed you that something just hadn’t been right ever since Kiren’s Circus of Absolute Wonders had come into town a few weeks ago, but she couldn’t really put her finger on it…

You took a little walk around the town and the festive atmosphere seemed fairly normal. The half-orc half-drunken tavern owner Gert did mention that Lilly had been acting strangely during their “intimate relations”, and Daisy was recognized by Lloyd near the entrance of the circus tent. You also heard of a new exciting circus act accompanied by fiddle music.

The next day, a pissed-off Daisy stormed off on her own to find out what happened to her friend Lilly. Unfortunately for her, Lauris the Lion Master, an old enemy of hers, had gotten wind of her presence in Littleton and prepared a trap with the help of a young thief. She caught the thief, grievously wounding him and found out about the trap. However, blinded by rage, she ran straight into the lion’s maw…

Meanwhile, Jerky and Isaya went to talk to Ovena, the village elder. She seemed more pleasant and friendly than usual, which made Jerky feel suspicious. His suspicion was well-founded since it turned out the old lady was not Ovena at all, she had been replaced by horrifying creature known as a Doppleganger. Isaya was knocked out by the oil of taggit in the tea Ovena served, and Jerky single-handedly battled the doppleganger in Ovena’s living room. He barely managed to kill it with an astounding flourish of his Khav-Sin Battlemaster’s Longsword.

Finally, Daisy faced Lauris the Lion Master with his flaming whip and his beasts in an epic battle fueled by hatred and revenge on both sides. She was taken out, but in her last moments of consciousness she dug her short swords into Lauris’s sides and triumphantly watched the life leave his eyes. The last thing she heard was the comforting sound of Momma K’s voice. “Lauris, Lauris what have you done? Daisy?"

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