Derrik Leatherstone was born and raised in the city of Belfrost. His parents are dwarves who emigrated from their homes in the high mountains to make a new life in the city.

However, the cold reality of the lower docks quickly took it's toll on the family. Belfrost is said to be a land of opportunity, but the truth is that for the most part the rich get richer while the poor stay poor. When Shadowborne's father broke his leg in a shipping accident, the young dwarf began a hard life as a docker to support his family.

At work he met a charismatic young human who was enthusiastic about bringing change (as humans often are). Derrik became close friends with the young lad, who began leading a movement to gain workers rights for the dockers. As the movement gained momentum, the leadership of the city saw it as a threat and feared open rebellion. The human leader was branded enemy of the city and was executed in public. That day marked the beginning of the fisherman's guild and the beginning of Shadowborne... If the less fortunate citizens of Belfrost could not fight back in plain sight, they would do so from the shadows.

It's been five years since that day, and the fisherman's guild has grown into a vast network of spies and illegal affairs. Some say it has deviated from its original purpose, but Shadowborne has convinced himself that it is all for the greater good...

Shadowborne's father on the other hand strongly disapproves of anything that goes against the law. He is a dwarf of tradition and for him hard honest work is the only thing that can bring you respect and happiness. Thus Derrik keeps his identity hidden from his family, and despite having acquired fame and wealth through his new life, he still lives with his dog Tundra in a run down shack in the lower docks.

Shadowborne distrusts authority and views the wealthy citizens of Belfrost with contempt. He's lived in Belfrost his whole life and loves the city, but he wishes to see it become a land of equal opportunity it is said to be. He struggles with the morality of his actions, and having to listen through his father's rants about the filth in this city and their illegal networks only makes matters worse. He let's none of this show on the job of course, and comes off as gruff and unemotional to most people.

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