Slate was always fascinated by civilization, he came from a tribe far to the south and going up river besides and under boats he traveled all the way up to Belfrost. For a while he lived below the docks and learn the language of men while eating the fish and guts thrown into the bay. By the month he was getting bolder and came more and more at night on the docks. While he was rummaging a hangar to find wondrous goods and that so smelly and delicious meat, he got caught. A fight broke out rapidly with the afraid guard seeing that huge lizard.

Slate tried to speak to them, but to no avail he was struck by spears. The quiet giant hurt was now a wounded beast and in an animal violence he shredded the guards to ribbons. When the dust settled Slate was weeping over the corpse of the men he killed. Coming from the shadow of the crates a dwarf came to Slate, he came to him and spoke with him. After a long talk over Slate’s past, the quit witted fellow found a usefulness for that dimwitted giant in a blink of an eye. Later Slate learned the name of the dwarf, he was Shadowborne. Even a slow witted creature can do wonders if the job is cut out for him. So that broad and strong creature that could swim barely detected in and out of Belfrost began his job the next day. It’s been four years since Slate joined the fishermen’s guild and he continue to smuggle goods in and out of Belfrost by swimming below the boats. He is a hidden asset of the fisherman’s guild and among them very few know of his existence. He doesn’t understand the value of money, that’s why all his possessions were traded to him as payment for his work.

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